Saturday, February 15, 2014

Sign of Spring/Inappropriate Words

Spring 2014

The Robert Indiana exhibition opens to the public tomorrow: that makes tomorrow spring.

I saw it today. Here is my Autoportrait, that I created with an iPad app that accompanies the exhibition:

The app rejected "BEER" as an input into my self-portrait: "Please do not use inappropriate words." And it took me about three tries to figure out that was the word they were objecting to--I was trying to find the hidden dirty word in "LAKEMICHIGAN."

This is an art museum. They have artwork hailing Dionysus, a tapestry created from liquor bottles (one of my inspirations), and even Baby Jesus' weezus on full display, but "beer" is an inappropriate word. (On the bright side--guess they won't be mounting any Tracy Emin exhibitions in my lifetime. Heh.)

They have Sun King on tap in their cafeteria, but "beer" is an inappropriate word.

I'm so amused.

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