Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Mixed-technique Valentine

Only two weeks late! Good thing the cats don't care (not to mention I could work faster if they didn't insist on sitting on my hands every time I sit down to work).

Mixed-Technique Heart 1

I need to devise a name for the technique where I fuse little (about 1/2") scraps from another project to a backing fabric, then layer with a sheer fabric and machine stitch. It's not original, but if I give it an original name I can sell it (except I will never make a critical mass of these things, because I really only use scraps from other projects--I don't want to turn a yard of good fabric into 1/2" scraps--and it takes an astonishingly long time to fuse them all down flat with no background showing).

But I like this mixed-technique look, and love the flower sequins.

And The E.B.E. Project rolls on. This one says his name is Melvin.


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