Monday, June 30, 2014

In Which I Finish Something In UNDER SIX YEARS!

So here's some aliens I made shortly after I got laid off in 2009.


And then I got a job and put them in a box.

So now, three years into the second job since that lay-off, they are finished!

Alien Totem Pole

I took it to my quilt guild last week; we didn't have a full show-and-tell so I didn't have to say anything, but a couple ladies asked me about them, and, "Well, they're aliens. We can't really understand them." They're still letting me come to the retreat.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Beer and Cat

Beer and Cat

Smokey guarding my FUZZbräu from its namesake.

FUZZbräu is the beer I make. This is my second attempt, a German-style wheat I call Fuzziwheat. My first was a Belgian wit style I called FUZZiwit (my German beer-drinking expert pronounced it "süffig" which I believe translates to "I did not go blind"). Currently in the fermenter is a second German-style wheat I will call FUZZirazz after I add three pounds of raspberry puree.

OK, naming things is not my best talent, which is why FUZZ named himself. OTOH, I am good at slogans. "FUZZbräu! Taste our disdain!"

[Obligatory promise to blog more instead of just tweeting.]